Established in 2010 in Edinburgh, Humble Spy Photography came to London in 2011 and in just a couple of years made the name known to many in the property business. Now a five-strong team backed by an around-the-clock processing office, we are a well-respected and much trusted photography venture offering a number of services including our signature property and architectural photography, top quality floor plans, bespoke brochures and graphic design, creative image editing, property advertising consultancy. Our photos are to be frequently seen in the press and specialised property publications in London and nationally. We have seen most of London’s best interiors, made it to ‘Million Pound Properties’ on Channel 4, contributed to a few books and thought it was all fun. And when on a break from interior, we enjoy shooting privately for some celebrity clients too. Follow us on Instagram (@humblespyphotography) for all the latest photos and updates